Construction Enters Final Stages

The BML summer renovation is almost complete! Here are some photos of the newly refurbished areas. There are still quite a few left to do, but it’s clear that this project will be completed very soon!

Signs of good things to come…

Hi! Happy post fourth of July. We feel fortunate that we have had inside jobs lately with the heat the way it has been outside.

All around BML there are signs of a project beginning to come together. You can now catch glimpses of the gorgeous new quiet study room, new carpet, and wonderful new restrooms. The remaining ceilings and lights will be installed very soon.

Work continues to restore windows in the Nostrae Filea room up on the third floor. The new TLC windows, in the same area, look really nice. Like other floors, the third floor restrooms are coming together and will be among the best on campus.

Elsewhere, we are watching paint dry as new and refreshing colors are going up on the new walls. Speaking of refreshing, we sent out many pieces of furniture to receive new upholstery which we expect back towards the end of the month.

Continuing next week will be painting, plumbing fixture placement, and carpeting. The library is beginning to look likes its old self again except much better!

June 27 Update

Hi everyone:

Things are still in full swing here at BML. Last week brought completion to our main front foyer/staircase area. This area received a major enhancement with a new ceiling, new lighting, and a refresh of the air handling area. New ceiling grids have also been installed in the new first and second floor areas. The second floor quiet area received its first coat of new paint and it looks great. There are pallets of new doors which will soon be hung on their new rooms and offices.

The result is much more clean looking, well-lit lobby. You can now see the first glimpses of the restroom fixtures, the tile looks really nice! Restrooms work marches on, on nearly every floor of BML including new restrooms in the TLC.

Prep work has begun on the tower entrance of BML. A new hand rail has been installed, the doors will be refinished and the signage over the door will be cleaned up and re-grouted as needed.

We anticipate more staff movement in the coming weeks as folks move to their new spaces. Soon, furniture will be arriving and reupholstered. Stay tuned!

June 13 Update

So much is going on at Boatwright!

Over the last week major work has began on the third floor (TLC area) and the stairs leading up to it. A window is being installed to look into and out of the TLC. Down on the first floor the lobby and area near the main service desk has received a new ceiling grid/tile system. The same ceiling upgrade will be performed on the main stairwell.

The new study rooms are taking shape on the second floor including the three very neat looking individual study rooms. Staff offices also continue to take shape up on the second floor.

Work continues on the first floor collaborative areas. The posts that will hold the media walls have been installed. Also, the rear of the main service desk has been reworked and will now be a room and not a pass through. The new hallway in from the back door is now almost complete.

More to come later!

Where do I find…?

The government documents, hard copy periodicals/serials, and some former reference books (which can now be checked out) are now located on new compact shelving on B2.

Please ask at the main service desk for details. Range numbers and finding aids will be going in during the first half of June.

End of May Update

Hi there!

Thanks for following along, here is a floor by floor update of what we have accomplished with the renovation projects:

B2: The new compact shelving is installed and filled with government docs, former reference books, and bound and current periodicals. The microfilm rack which held newspapers  and some periodicals will be re-established here as well as a map and atlas section. The posting of signage will continue.

First floor: All of the former shelving has been removed (note: all metal and paper is recycled). The liaison offices have walls up as do the new study rooms and writing center and academic skills center outpost rooms.  Staff spaces are being modified and a window has been added so that staff can look out onto the first floor and our users can look in. There is also work on the new hallway that will lead people into the building from the rear of the building.

Second floor: The former “quiet study room” will house administration, interlibrary loan, library systems, digital production services, and the digital scholarship lab. The walls are now up and it’s easy to see how the new area will look. The former periodicals area has been removed to make way for the new quiet study room and quiet study spaces.

Third Floor/TLC: The old floor coverings have been removed to make way for a facelift. This includes the stairwell leading up to the TLC.

Restrooms: Working restrooms are limited in BML at this time. It’s going to be worth it though. Among the new plumbing fixtures will be a water fountain that will fill drinking bottles.

Stay tuned!